Most of us take for granted that when we get a cut or a blister it will heal within a few days, but for the five million Americans suffering from chronic, non-healing wounds, this is not the case.

Chronic wounds can cause a spectrum of issues from discomfort and embarrassment to infection and more serious complications that can significantly affect quality of life. For individuals with non-healing wounds, proper wound care services, like those provided by University of Maryland Harford Memorial Hospital's Wound Care Center, can be invaluable and life changing.

Havre de Grace resident Janet Sexton, is one of those individuals. At 70, she has suffered since 1971 from phlebitis, a condition involving inflammation of the veins. "I have always had poor circulation," she explains. "In 1974, a spot opened up on my leg that was the size of a pin prick." Her physicians diagnosed it as a stasis ulcer - a wound that occurs due to improper functioning of venous valves.

"Through the years, I received treatment elsewhere in the region that was very 'cut and dry.' I was eventually told there was no more they could do for me. I was very discouraged." Twelve years ago, Janet suffered a stroke and for the past two years has been unable to walk. Over the years, the ulcer on her leg grew to the size of a silver dollar.

When Janet moved to Havre de Grace last year, she was referred to University of Maryland Harford Memorial Hospital Wound Care Center by her primary care provider, Amber Johnson, CRNP. Due to her past experience, Janet was skeptical about what they could do for her, but she decided it was worth another try.

In the year since Janet started treatment at the Wound Care Center, her ulcer has shrunk considerably. She is thrilled with the results and with the care she has received.

"It was the best thing I ever did," says Janet. "I never had such relief before; the wound is so much better than it used to be. [The Wound Care Center] has given me hope. Everyone at the Center is very thorough and friendly," she continues. "They don't just treat the wound; they treat the whole patient."

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