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Questions About Bills
University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health’s (UM UCH) Patient Billing department is available to help patients and community members with hospital billing questions. Customer Service representatives are available Monday through Thursday from 8 am – 8 pm and Friday from 8 am to 6 pm by calling 888-813-7413.

This page provides information regarding the hospital’s financial assistance program, patient rights, responsibilities and obligations, as well as some frequently requested phone numbers.


Patients’ Rights
Those patients that meet the criteria for financial assistance receive assistance from the hospital in paying their bill.

You may be eligible for Maryland Medical Assistance. Medical Assistance is a program funded jointly by the state and federal governments that pays the full cost of healthcare coverage for low income individuals who meet certain criteria.

If you fail to meet the financial obligations of your hospital bill, you may be referred to a collection agency. In determining whether a patient is eligible for free, reduced cost care or a payment plan, it is the responsibility of the patient to provide accurate and complete financial information. If your financial position changes, you have an obligation to promptly contact the Billing Department to provide updated, corrected information.

Patients’ Obligations
To assist you in meeting your payment obligations, University of Maryland Harford Memorial Hospital (UM HMH) and University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Medical Center (UM UCMC) has the following payment options;

Cash, money order, check, or credit card including, Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. You may pay online; it’s secure, easy, and convenient.

For patients with the ability to pay their bill, it is the obligation of the patient to pay the hospital in a timely manner. UM UCMC makes every effort to see that accounts are properly billed and patients may expect to receive a uniform summary statement after discharge from an inpatient stay. It is your responsibility to provide the correct insurance information.

If you do not have health insurance coverage and cannot afford to pay the bill in full, please contact the Billing Department at the number listed.


University of Maryland Harford Memorial Hospital (UM HMH) and University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Medical Center (UM UCMC) bill only for the hospital (facility) charges. You should expect to receive separate bills from the physicians that cared for you, including those that provided the following services; Emergency Room Physician, Anesthesiology Services, Interpretation of X-Rays, Pathology Services, Interpretation of EKG, and other diagnostic related services

Charge Estimates
If you would like to request estimated prices for the clinical services of the UM UCH, choose from the following

  • View a list of estimated charges for common inpatient and outpatient procedures at UM UCH (Click here)
  • View the list of estimated charges in Spanish. (Coming Soon!)

Secure Online Bill Payment
Patients may pay hospital bills online using our secure online bill payment system.

  • Click here to pay a bill online.
  • If you have questions about online bill payment, contact Patient Billing at 888- 813-7413, Monday through Thursday from 8 am – 8 pm and Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.


UM UCH provides emergency and urgent care to all patients regardless of their ability to pay.

University of Maryland Harford Memorial Hospital (UM HMH) and University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Medical Center (UM UCMC) recognize the financial needs of our patients and families who are unable to afford charges associated with medical care. Our Financial Assistance Program follows the federal poverty guidelines and is based on household size and income.

It is important that request for financial assistance be made in a timely fashion.
You may complete a Financial Assistance Application and return it to the Patient Accounting Office within 15 days of receipt of receiving a bill from UM UCH. You will need to attach proof of all household income as outlined under the Family Income portion of the form. In addition, you will need to attach a copy of all pages of your most recently filed income tax returns, copies of your three (3) most recent bank statements and copies of your three (3) most recent pay stubs. This information will be held in the strictest confidence and is necessary to determine eligibility. Within two (2) business days of receipt of the financial assistance request, the hospital will make a determination of probable eligibility.

Please send all documentation to –
University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health
Patient Billing Department
Swan Creek Village
2027 Pulaski Hwy, Suite 215
Havre de Grace, MD 21078


For questions regarding the Financial Assistance Application or to request a Payment Plan, please contact our Billing Department Monday through Thursday from 8 am – 8 pm and Friday from 8 am to 6 pm at 888-813-7413.

For information obtaining Maryland Medical Assistance call 443-690-0075.

You may also contact Maryland Medical Assistance for Families outside of Baltimore City contact 410-649-0500.

The Maryland Health Insurance Plan
If you have been turned down for health insurance, have a chronic health condition, or have difficulty paying expensive premiums, the Maryland Health Insurance Plan (MHIP) may be right for you. MHIP recently reduced premiums for eligible individuals and families based on their income level.



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