Cardiac Calcium Scoring

Cardiac calcium scoring is a new technique for rapid standard risk factors to help assess the risk of future heart disease.

The scan itself takes 5 minutes, and no prior fasting or injection is required. The cardiac calcium scoring procedure can detect and quantify even the smallest amount of calcium in the heart's arteries. Calcium build-up can cause blockage of the arteries. If calcium is detected at the earliest possible time, this could be years before the first symptoms of heart disease present themselves

Cardiac calcium scoring is a screening study that may be recommended by your physician if you have risk factors for heart disease but no clinical symptoms. Some patients choose to have the test on their own even if their doctors have not recommended it, in order to detect early-stage heart disease.

Patients should ask their primary care physician if they would benefit from cardiac calcium scoring. Most insurance companies do not cover the cost of the test.

For more information about scheduling at Cardiac Calcium Scoring, call UM UCH ScheduleFirst at 443-843-7000.

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