Pavilion II

510 Upper Chesapeake Drive
Bel Air, MD 21014

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Conveniently located in the newest Medical Office Building on the University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Medical Center (UM UCMC) campus, Pavilion II includes a garage offering plentiful parking on the first 3 levels and elevator access to physician’s offices and outpatient services on the 4th and 5th floors such as:

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MacPhail Pharmacy, Suite 414
Steve Tristani, RPh
443-643-3195 Fax

The Spine Center, Suite 415
Mark Coleman, M.D.
Jeffrey Schneider, M.D.
Jason Casey, P.A.

443-643-3001 Fax

Harford Gastroenterology, Suite 416
Weitong Mu, M.D.
Ashok Narang, M.D.
Peter Park, M.D.
Asheesh Sood, M.D.
Vedapurisan Viswanathan, M.D., FRCP, FACP, FACG
Kristin Andersen, N.P.

443-643-4707 Fax

UM UCH Orthopedic Specialty Group Suite 417
William Cook, M.D.
Edward O’Mara, M.D.
Raj Yalamanchili, M.D.
Ben Diffenderfer, P.A.
Derrick McCoy, M.D. - Sports Medicine

443-643-3133 Fax

Click here for 5th Floor Pavilion II Map
University Physicians, Inc., Suite 509/509A
410-879-7730 - 410-879-7761 Fax

Bartley Griffith, M.D. (Cardiac Surgeon)
Harry Johnson, M.D. (Uro-Gyno)
Erika Feller, M.D.(Transplant, Immunology)

Joshua Abzug, M.D. (Ortho)
Samra Blanchard, M.D. (Gastro)
Alicia Chaves, M.D. (Cardio)
Jeannie Chun, M.D. (Ped Surgery)
Debra Counts, M.D. (Endo)
Lynn Dees, N.P. (Cardio)
Siliva Delgado, M.D. (Ped Pul)
Peter Gaskin, M.D. (Cardio)
Bartley Griffith, M.D. (Cardio)
Steve Hanish, M.D. (Hepato)
Aldo Iacono, M.D. (Pul)
Jack Gladstein, M.D. (Neuro)
Howard Jacobs, M.D. (Neuro)
Laide Jinadu, M.D. (Nephrology)
David Lesser, M.D. (Kidney Trans)
Howard Kader, M.D. (Gastro)
Julie Kaplan, M.D. (Genetics)
Anupama Kewalramani, M.D. (Allergy)
Regina Macatangay, M.D. (Ped Hem/Onc)
Anayansi Lasso-Pirot, M.D. (Pulmonology)
Kevin Pereira, M.D. (ENT-Oto)
Elyse Pine-Twaddell, M.D. (Endo)
Kristine Russell, N.P. (Cardio)
Parissa Salemi, M.D. (Endo)
Eric Strauch, M.D. (Surgery)
Roger Voigt, M.D. (Surgery-Urology)
Carol Wade, N.P. (Cardio)
Runa Watkins, M.D.(Gastro)
Teresa York, M.D. (Ped Hem/Onc)
Sharmila Zawahir, M.D. (Gastro)

University of Maryland Center for Diabetes
and Endocrinology, Suite 510
Director: Debbie Ostrowski 443-643-3208
Olufunmilayo Onobrakpeya, M.D. (Diabetes and
Endocrine Center Medical Director)

Roy Phillips, M.D.
443-643-3204 Fax

Anticoagulation Management, Suite 511
443-643-3299 Fax

Outpatient Rehabilitation Center, Suite 514
Director: Christina Pedini 443-643-3260
443-643-3212 Fax

Infectious Disease Associates, Suite 512
Michelle Bahrain, M.D.
Marcos Wolff, M.D.
Faheem Younus, M.D.
Timeshare: Mukul Patharkar, M.D.
443-643-1453 Fax

Thoracic Surgeon, Suite 515
Linda Martin, M.D. MPH
443-643-3231 Fax

The Daily Grind,
Suite 517

UM UCH Women’s Care,
Suite 518
Chanan Levy, M.D.
Nancy Huang, M.D.
Shari Sopher, M.D.
James Swanbeck, M.D.

443-643-4535 Fax


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