The Employment Process

University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health (UM UCH) is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Our hiring process involves the following steps to ensure that all potential team members are treated fairly and in accordance with state and federal laws. Click here to read our nondiscrimination policy.

  1. Application / resume submission. Applications are accepted online. Please click on Apply Online under Employment to apply for any open position for which you may qualify. To ensure the right fit in a position, all applicants are required to answer essay questions attached to the job application.

    An acknowledgement email will go out to all candidates that submit their resume or application.

  2. Pre-employment testing. The following positions have screening tests that must be passed in order to qualify for the position:

    Unit Secretary - Medical terminology

  3. Interviews. Candidates selected for on-site interviews are normally notified by phone within 2 weeks of submitting their resume or application.

  4. References and Criminal Background Checks. We check employment references with prior employers for all candidates under serious consideration. Criminal background checks are required for some positions. All confirming offers are contingent upon successful completion of these checks.

  5. Drug Screening & Pre-placement Physicals. Candidates selected to join our team must successfully complete a pre-placement drug screening and physical assessment, including a PPD. Both tests are scheduled and paid for by Upper Chesapeake Health. All confirming offers are contingent upon the successful completion of both tests.

  6. Confirming Offers. After completing the steps outlined above, a representative from the Human Resources Department will confirm the job offer, determine a mutually acceptable start date and arrange the orientation sessions.







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